GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

Quality Assurance: Find and report 3 bugs at the overworked Admin Backend of the upcoming Limesurvey 2.0alpha version (1/2)

completed by: Aaron Schmitz

mentors: Diogo Gonçalves (dionet)

During this years Google Summer of Code we ported the whole Limesurvey code to an MVC framework called codeigniter. This implied a whole bunch of code changes and re-design. Though this feature was carefully tested, there might still be some bugs in there and we want you to have a detailed look at this feature to check if you can find any weird behavior, misleading user interface or bugs.

Task Steps:

  • Have a look at the Limesurvey admin feature. Play around with the available features and check if all works as described at the manual. If not, note all details about the problem.
  • Find out which new features were added at Limesurvey 2.0 and check the according sections at the admin panel carefully. Note any weird behavior.
  • Your mentor will go through your list and will discuss the details with you.
  • Add all issues to the bugtracker.