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Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

User interface: Survey designer workflow improvements

completed by: Nano8Blazex

mentors: Carsten Schmitz (c_schmitz)

There are some sections at the Limesurvey admin backend like the survey designer at which workflow improvements can be added. Often a summary page is shown even if you just made a minor change. Instead we should speed up the workflow and show just a pop-up, just to name a few issues.

This is a list of issues referring to the survey designer:

  • Problem: When adding new answer option and clicking into the answer text field, you have to manually delete the "Some example subquestion" text. For following answer options the text is deleted automatically when clicking into the input field.
  • Solution: Add some Javascript to automatically delete the text once a user clicks into the input field.


  • Problem: When creating a new survey there are options to import or copy a survey. BUT there is a "save" button after the "import/copy survey" button as well. This is irritating because users might click the save button instead and then an error message will show up because no survey title etc. was entered at the previous tabs
  • Solution: Hide "save" button at import and copy tab.


  1. Check the described issues using the online system we provide
  2. Search for the according code piece
  3. Overwork the code to improve the workflow
  4. Create a patch file and send it to your mentor for review.
  5. Once the mentor accepts your patch he will add it to the current development branch