GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

Port the Central Participant's Database panel share feature into the YII framework

completed by: Aaron Schmitz

mentors: aniessh, Marcel Minke

The Limesurvey's new feature Central Participant's Panel needs to be ported into the YII branch. In the Second task, you will port the export CSS and Share feature into the new framework. It will require the interaction with the rest of the LimeSurvey. 


Task Steps:

  • Install LimeSurvey - create a small survey. 
  • Understanding the working of the share feature and the panel associated with it.
  • Port the basic panel along with it effects into the main CPDB panel.
  • Discuss the patch with your mentor and ask for feedback.
  • Check-in your changes into the LimeSurvey svn trunk.
  • Done!