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Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

User interface: User and rights management workflow improvements

completed by: Daniel Huang

mentors: Carsten Schmitz (c_schmitz)

There are some sections at the Limesurvey admin backend like when adding users and settings rights at which workflow improvements can be added. Often a summary page is shown even if you just made a minor change. Instead we should speed up the workflow and show just a pop-up, just to name a few issues.

This is a list of issues referring to the user management and rights setting screens.

  • Problem: After having added a new user there is a summary screen showing the username and email address. You can either click "continue" to get to the user list summary or click the "set user permissions" button which leads you to the next logical step of setting the permissions for this user (a user without any permissions set doesn't make much sense).
  • Solution: We should show the summary as a pop uf and automatically redirect the admin to the screen where permissions for the newly added user can be set.


  • Problem: After having set permissions as the next workflow step described below, the user receives a short status update and can only click "continue" which leads him to the user overview.
  • Solution: We should automatically redirect the admin to the user overview and show the status update as a pop-up. We could also think about redirecting him to the screen where template permissions can be set which would be the next logical step.


  1. Check the described issues using the online system we provide
  2. Search for the according code piece
  3. Overwork the code to improve the workflow
  4. Create a patch file and send it to your mentor for review.
  5. Once the mentor accepts your patch he will add it to the current development branch