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Google Code-in 2011 LimeSurvey

Implement jqGrid for Detailed list of surveys

completed by: Aaron Schmitz

mentors: Carsten Schmitz (c_schmitz)

The Limesurvey admin backend includes several tabular overviews, e.g. when listing all survey at the survey overview. Usability will benefit a lot if those overviews would be sortable, searchable and filterable. For this we can use jqgrid.

Task Steps:

  • Install LimeSurvey and create several surveys .
  • Have a look at the jqgrid docs at[IMAGE]
  • Implement jqgrid for the survey overview and create a patch. Just port the existing table to jqGrid so the functionality is the same but using proper pagination, ability to filter, and the ability to select which columns will be displayed (make this persistend by storing it in a cookie).
  • Discuss the patch with your mentor and ask for feedback.
  • Check-in your changes into the limesurvey svn trunk.
  • Done!