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email verification for account creation

completed by: Julian Brost

mentors: Bastian Blank, Reimar Bauer, Thomas Waldmann, Prashant Kumar, Eugene Syromyatnikov


We need (optional) email verification for new accounts.


Currently we let a user enter an email address for user creation but we don't verify if that email address exists.

This needs to be changed to:

  • when a user wants to create an account, we send an email to the email address the user has given
  • when receiving the email, there will be a link in it, the user has to visit that url to activate his account
  • make sure we can get rid of not activated accounts, make sure the method is secure / not easily to abuse
  • use same code as for password / account recovery (the difference is that for new users we set should set a random password and then send the recovery token)
  • should be configurable, so it can also work without email sending/verification.

Deliverables: patch or changeset


New user accounts are based on a verified email address. Makes it harder for spammers also.

Skill Requirements

See tags.

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