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Google Code-in 2011 MoinMoin Wiki

update moin 2.0 interface translation (ru)

completed by: S Kinder

mentors: Eugene Syromyatnikov


Language: Russian (ru)

MoinMoin 2.0 is the next release of MoinMoin wiki engine, which, in fact, major rewrite of old 1.x code. Thus, many things changed and localisation effort done against 1.x stuff is not so actual for 2.0. So we need to update translation for many languages to give users the same (highly localised) experience as they have with 1.x.


Currently, MoinMoin.pot contains 318 messages. Applying current 1.9 Russian po file (which has 920 translated messages) gives 218 fuzzy translations. You need to check (and fix, if needed) all fuzzy translations and translate untranslated messages.

Translation process is documented somehow.

Translated messages should use suitable, consistent and well-established term and concept translations, to enable consistent user experience. In case there is no suitable translation, one can be got from 1.x translation or translator should choose one himself (and use it everywhere in translation).

Translations should be checked in context and in the UI, to assure that there is no misuses of translated messages.

Result is presented as patch set against moin/2.0 repo (messages.po files are located in translations directory under <language name>/LC_MESSAGES/).


Moin 2 is under active development, so number and content of source messages (and even sources of this messages!) are very fluid. So, we prefer that it will be continuous effort of maintaining language translation and not one-time job.

[IMAGE /moin_static193/modernized/img/alert.png] There is issue about format of placeholders in messages, and during its resolution content of many original messages will be changed.


Make moin better usable for people speaking your language.

Skill Requirements

You should have good English skills (for understanding the original text) and very good skills of the target language (for updating/creating the translated text). Very good means that you are either a native speaker of the target language or have comparable skills. You also need to be good in orthography, grammar and typography.

You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki: