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improve the atom feed

completed by: Shitiz Garg

mentors: Bastian Blank, Reimar Bauer, Thomas Waldmann, Prashant Kumar, Eugene Syromyatnikov


moin2 has an rudimentary implementation of an atom feed, but it is neither complete, nor "nice" to look at.

Your task is to significantly improve the feed, its usability, its looks, how it shows different kinds of changes in the wiki.



  • look at how the atom feed of moin2 and the rss feed of moin 1.9 currently look like
  • look at the feeds of other wikis - how do they present changes to the feed user?
  • make a suggestion about what you want to improve, why and how exactly
    • improve diff display?
    • when show a diff, when show full item?
    • html diff or text diff?
  • discuss your suggestion with moin devs
  • cleanly implement the changes

Deliverables: changesets, screenshots before/after

Skill Requirements

See tags. Additionally, we expect that you regularly use lots of feeds and have experience with different (atom) feed readers. You must know what a feed reading user usually expects and how a nice feed looks like. You must know python, xml, atom etc. well enough to implement your ideas.

Note: unless otherwise noted, tasks usually refer to moin2 (!

You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki: