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Test moin-2.0 to fix a failing test 1/10

completed by: Bilal Akhtar

mentors: Bastian Blank, Reimar Bauer, Thomas Waldmann, Prashant Kumar, Eugene Syromyatnikov


Fix a test in moin2 which either fails (or is skipped for some reason, but fails if not skipped).


  • Run all the tests of MoinMoin

  • If the test skips, find out the reason for it and make it work if possible.
  • If the test fails, find out the reasons for it, discuss about it on IRC and fix it.
  • If the test is insane, write a better one.
  • Fix the tested code

Deliverables: patch with fix, documentation why fix is correct

Note: the performance tests are skipped to make the tests run faster - they should stay skipped and don't need fixing.


Fixing failing would fix existing issues and major/minor bugs in MoinMoin. Also, it'll lead to better testing of MoinMoin.

Skill Requirements

See Tags.

Note: unless otherwise noted, tasks usually refer to moin2 (!

You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki:

This issue is available multiple times. This one is 1 of 10.