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proofread, grammar and spell check docs 2/4

completed by: jordonwii

mentors: Bastian Blank, Reimar Bauer, Thomas Waldmann, Prashant Kumar, Eugene Syromyatnikov


Proofread, grammar and spell check some part of our documentation.


You need to get the moin source from the repo, then look into the docs/ subdirectory (you have to edit the files there).

A rendered version of the docs is available here (read-only):

To claim, choose some section of the docs that is not already done, see the list at the bottom of After you got the task, write your name behind the section you are working on.

Proofread it, fix it. If you are finished, submit your changes and remove it from the list.

Deliverables: patch or changeset

Skill Requirements

Requires: native speaker with very good grammar/orthography/punctuation skills.

It helps if you are familiar with sphinx and/or rst, but it is not required.

Note: this task is easy, but not necessarily quick. As docs were written by non-native speakers, we expect that you find lots of stuff. [IMAGE /moin_static193/modernized/img/smile.png]

Note: unless otherwise noted, tasks usually refer to moin2 (!

You can discuss this issue in the MoinMoin wiki:

This issue is available multiple times. This one is 2 of 4.