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Google Code-in 2011 OpenIntents

QR code generator / reader for OI Notepad

completed by: _Vincent

mentors: Peli

The task is to create a plugin for OI Notepad that lets you select text and convert that to QR code, or input QR code into OI Notepad.

Your plugin should be similar to the "Insert Date" sample plugin for OI Notepad, so that any text selection or the whole text can be used to create QR code and scanned QR code can be inserted at any cursor location. The plugin should use the Barcode scanner through intents and should ask for it if not present using the distribution library.

Your solution should consist of a patch (instructions) or a zip file containing the new plugin. If you don't have it yet, you first need to download and install the Android SDK (instructions). Follow these instructions to build OI applications.

  • Difficulty: hard
  • Time limit: 14 days
  • Prerequisites: Download the Android SDK (instructions)
  • Requirements for completed entry:
    • Send in a patch with your code modifications (instructions) or a zip file with your code.
    • The code must follow our StyleGuide.
    • Your plugin for OI Notepad must convert selected text to QR code and import QR code at the current cursor location.