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Google Code-in 2011 openSUSE Project

Check old bugreports against openSUSE 12.1

completed by: Raul

mentors: Richard Brown, Matt Barringer

There are lots of bug reports open for old versions of openSUSE. We need to check if those bugs still exist in openSUSE 12.1.

The task is to check if the bug reports are still are valid for openSUSE 12.1. If yes, change the product to "openSUSE 12.1" and add a comment like "This bug was reported for openSUSE x.y and is still valid in 12.1". If a bug is fixed in openSUSE 12.1, add a comment saying "This bug is fixed in openSUSE 12.1" A student can pick his favorite component in bugzilla - we have enough old bugs for everybody ;-). The number of bugs to be checked is 20 per day.