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Google Code-in 2011 openSUSE Project

Write review of SUSE Studio and KIWI

completed by: Yosi Pramajaya

mentors: Matt Barringer

SUSE Studio and KIWI are awesome tools, allowing you to build your own operating system from a browser or customizing and building images on your own computer.

Studio is like a GUI for KIWI and allows you to export an KIWI xml file for further fine tuning or automated building. An article about how to do these things would be great! You will need to use SUSE Studio to build an image, then export the KIWI XML file and play with it on your own system including building the same image. You will need to describe the process, your thoughts and difficulties you encounter. You will learn how to write a technical article and get some in-depth coaching on how to keep a text interesting and how to keep your audience in mind.