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Google Code-in 2011 openSUSE Project

Moderators support for openSUSE Paste

completed by: Daniel Klischies

mentors: Michal Hrusecky

openSUSE Paste ( provides customized pastebin for openSUSE. Since last hackweek it also supports possibility to login via OpenID. As spambots found pastebin and are posting spam every now and then, it would be nice to define a group of moderators (that needs to login using their OpenIDs/key) that would be allowed to delete any post directly from the web. Managing of the group of moderators can be done manually in database, but modifications to the pastebin itself has to be done using MVC and CodeIgniter style. So model has to be created/extended and passed around (no quick mysql select in the view).

openSUSE Paste is written using PHP and CodeIgniter.

Source code can be found on

Code needs to be developed and tested locally, then merge request or patch has to be sent.