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Google Code-in 2011 Parrot Foundation

Winxed Screencast

completed by: Tomasz Madycki

mentors: Duke Leto

Task Description

Make a Winxed Screencast

Steps To Complete This Task

  1. Record a screencast that shows how to download a Parrot release from Github, unzip it, configure and compile it, and write a simple "Hello World" program in Winxed.
  2. This screencast should have a voice explaining what is being done on the screen in English.
  3. This screencast should be available at a URL online and/or as a video file download.


  1. Screencasts greatly help people learn because they integrate visual and auditory learning. This screencast will make it easy for people to start using Parrot and Winxed.


  1. Knowledge of how to download stuff and compile it. Basic knowledge of how to write a "Hello World" program.
  2. Abillity to make a screencast.

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