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Google Code-in 2011 PySoy Cloud Game Engine

Port soy.fields to experimental branch

completed by: Steve Anton

mentors: Juhani Åhman, Arc Riley

soy.fields are generic objects in 3d space that apply forces and other changes to other bodies.They were originally written by Eric Stein in Pyrex and later rewritten in Genie by Juhani Åhman (fzzbt) for libsoy during Google summer of code 2011. However, the latest version of soy.fields (and only decently working one) is still in the default branch of libsoy, not in the experimental branch that is currently focused. This task requires that you port the changes in soy.fields and relating classes (mainly soy.scenes.Scene, soy.bodies.Body) from the default branch to the experimental branch. Knowledge of physics and relating mathematics might be helpful.

Submit finished work via Mercurial commit.

Its expected that this task will need some help via IRC.