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Google Code-in 2011 RTEMS Project

Create RTEMS Project Wiki Page for EMFISIS Instrument suite on RBSP

completed by: Icho Katsarski

mentors: Jennifer Averett

The RTEMS Project has a number of flyers on various projects which have used RTEMS. Each of these flyers is based upon a Wiki page about that project with the ssame or similar text and pictures. This task consists of preparing a wiki page on an RTEMS application which consists of approximately one page of text, 2 or more nice pictures or figures about the project, and a few URLs of reference for more details. The information on the flyers is based on this and is presented in a very uniform manner. The Wiki page is easier to edit and review collaboratively. We will create the flyer from the information on the Wiki page you create. Most of the information you need should be available from public sources on the Internet. When you take a "flyer" task, you may be given an email address of a contact for that project to obtain information from. The wiki page you will create is for the EMFISIS Instrument suite on RBSP.