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Google Code-in 2011 RTEMS Project

Create BSP Wiki Page for genmcf548x

completed by: deivid

mentors: Jennifer Averett

RTEMS uses a Mediawiki installation for its wiki. Each embedded board supported by RTEMS is supposed to have its own wiki page. There is an Infobox on the upper right hand side of each BSP wiki page. Some BSPs do not have BSP pages and even those that do have pages created do not always have a completed Infobox. This is because we learned how to implement the Infoboxes after the pages were added, most of them are just stubs. The Infobox template is here and is the complete view of the fields available. A reasonably good example of a filled in Infobox is the Blackfin BF537 Stamp BSP page. This task consists of finding the vendor specification of the genmcf548x board, which is publicly available and filling in the Infobox and other information at the genmcf548x BSP page. You should check this BSP has an entry in the BSP master list and add this if missing. Please be careful in making sure all possible fields in the Infobox are filled in correctly