GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 Sahana Software Foundation

Windows Installer for End User enhancements

completed by: Daniel Klischies

mentors: Fran Boon, Praneeth

Add Wiki Documentation on new installer: Both end-user (brief) & Developer (i.e. Maintenance)

Change so that it starts by asking for PortableApp or not & then defaults drive/folder accordingly.

Add extra documentation within the installer to clarify that the password set is for Web2Py. The user still needs to register within Sahana (& that 1st user to register gets Admin rights).

Inform user of what the default Web2Py password is.

Set batch file to launch browser (after a pause to allow web2py to startup - e.g. using ping

Inform user that the messages re: unresolved dependencies can be safely ignored.

Ideally: Fix ReportLab