GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2011 Sahana Software Foundation

Extend the IRC greet bot to also log the channel

completed by: Jacob

mentors: Pat Tressel, Praneeth

The first part of this task:

was completed by Yuki`N, who incorporated a greet module into Sean Palmer's phenny.

Here is Yuki`N's code -- we recommend forking this on Github:

We'd like to continue by integrating logging into the same bot. This could be done by converting Sean Palmer's loggy into a phenny module, or using an existing logging module for phenny (there almost certainly is one -- will post more info here if one is found), or writing one.

We'd like a few tweaks to Yuki`N's work, namely, we'd like the option to have the bot send email when a new person appears on the channel, and to have the bot read the greeting from a file when it starts, to make it easier to change.

Then we'd like to get the combination up and running so we can switch over from using loggy.