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Google Code-in 2011 SymPy

Allow to manage slow tests better with our test runner

completed by: Joan Creus

mentors: Vladimir Perić, Matthew Rocklin, Alexey Gudchenko, Stefan Krastanov, Aaron Meurer

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Additional Note(s): Currently slow tests are simply skipped, but this makes it hard to actually run them. There should be a decorator for this (e.g. @slow) that would all to to run such tests when give an extra option to bin/test or test() (--slow and slow=True, respectively). It should be also possible to specify a timeout for slow tests so that they do not hang test runner. It should be also possible to press Ctrl+C (KeyboardInterrupt) to kill a slow test without killing test runner. There should be statistics added at the end which would tell how many slow tests were run, how many timed out and maybe other. Also, almost all skipped tests (or maybe all) are currently skipped because they are slow, so after this is implemented, they should all be converted.