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Google Code-in 2011 SymPy

use pyflakes or pylint to identify simple bugs in sympy and fix them

completed by: Joan Creus

mentors: Matthew Rocklin, Vladimir Perić, Stefan Krastanov, Aaron Meurer

Please see for full information on this task. 

Please read before completing any tasks for SymPy. 

Additional Note(s): Pick a good sized module in SymPy (i.e., one of the subdirectories of the sympy/ directory, but not one of the ones that only has a few files in it).


Note that pylint complains about many things that really aren't a big deal, so communicate with the mentors about what should be fixed and what does not matter if you choose to use pylint instead of pyflakes (pyflakes is in general not so bad about this).  In particular, you can ignore all warnings about names that are too short or too long, and all "too many..." warnings.


It can also happen, due to the dynamic nature of Python, that one of these tools will warn about something that is not really wrong.  In this case, just ignore the warning.


Do not choose a module to fix that has already been fixed by another task.