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Google Code-in 2011 SymPy

Make video tutorials for SymPy

completed by: kendhia

mentors: Matthew Rocklin, Vladimir Perić, Stefan Krastanov, Aaron Meurer

Please see for full information on this task.

Please read before completing any tasks for SymPy.

Additional Note(s): The task here is to make a tutorial about some aspect of SymPy. For example, you can make an introductory tutorial, showing how to install SymPy, get it running, etc. Or you could create a tutorial for a specific module. Please see what tutorials, if any, have already been made, and try to make future tutorials consistant with the already existing ones. For example, if an introductory tutorial shows how to install IPython, all other tutorials should use IPython. Also, please do not duplicate any tutorials that have already been made (if you really feel that an already existing one can be significantly improved, please speak to us about this *before* claiming this task).