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Google Code-in 2011 SymPy

Create XFAIL tests for open issues

completed by: kendhia

mentors: Aaron Meurer

Please see for full information on this task.

Please read before completing any tasks for SymPy.

Additional Note(s): Go through five unfixed issues in the issue tracker and create XFAIL tests for them. Make sure that there isn't already an XFAIL test for that issue. When you are done, comment on each issue that you have added an XFAIL test.

An XFAIL test is a test that currently fails, but will start passing when the issue is fixed. It is decorated with the @XFAIL decorator.

Note that not all issues are conducive to adding an XFAIL test. This is only good for issues where there is a specific thing that does not work. Issues where we are not sure how to fix something, or where a new feature is to be implemented, but the syntax is not fully decided yet are not good for this. WrongResult issues are good picks for this.