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Help out on the SpamAssassin mailing list (4)

completed by: Hannah

mentors: Paul Johnson, Florian Ragwitz, Kevin A. McGrail

The mailing list for Users is always in need of people to lend a hand to new administrators running SpamAssassin. Fighting Anti-Spam is complex and requires a good knowledge of many technologies, RFCs, acronyms and more.

Technically, here are the steps to complete this task:

0 - Read for at least 1.5 hours

1 - Read it's entirety

2 - Review for at least 1.5 hours

3 - Review for at least 1.5 hours

4 - Browse the open bugs at for at least 1.5 hours

5 - Monitor the mailing list, research the question and write ME ( a response to the 3 separate users' questions.  Your response should include the URL where you found the answer.

In short, you will start being a manual / wiki reader to get your feet wet in anti-spam.

Hopefully, your responses are good and I will relay or approve (at your choice) the response to the mailing list.  I will also be available to help you out with mailing list etiquette, if required.

6 - I will consider this task finished when you have completed tasks 0 through 4 and written two responses to questions on the mailing list that I can approve in line with #5.