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Google Code-in 2012 Apertium

Fix remaining Armenian adjective translations

completed by: Ulysses

mentors: Francis Tyers

Adjectives are mostly translated ok, but there are some translations remaining. The job is to take the following list of around 52 adjectives and either add the translation, _or_ if the translation on Wiktionary comes up as "alternative spelling", then adjust the entry/ies in the morphological analyser (apertium-hye.hye.dix)




^թառամ<adj><sint>$   --------->  ^թառամ<adj><sint>/@թառամ<adj><sint>$  

comes up on Wiktionary:
with translations, so the job is to add the translations.



^ալաբաստրյա<adj>$   --------->  ^ալաբաստրյա<adj>/@ալաբաստրյա<adj>$ 

comes up as "Alternative spelling of ալեբաստրյա.", so you will need to edit the forms in the
morphological analyser (apertium-hye.hye.dix), e.g. changing:

<e lm="ալաբաստրյա"><i>ալաբաստրյա</i><par n="կարմիր__adj"/></e>


<e lm="ալաբաստրյա" r="LR"><p><l>ալաբաստրյա</l><r>ալեբաստրյա</r></p><par n="կարմիր__adj"/></e>