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Google Code-in 2012 Apertium

Extract Armenian nominal declension for adjectives

completed by: Daniel Huang

mentors: Francis Tyers

For every Armenian adjective, make a list showing:

<lemma> ; <sint> / <not-sint> ; declension type.


ամբարիշտ ; sint ; i-type, plural in -ner, animate

ամբարիշտ ; sint ; i-type, plural in -ner, animate, stem altered to ամբարշտ- (ambaršt-)


Note: Where there are two declension types then two lines should be made in the file.


The second part of the task is to generate a speling[1] file for each of the adjective declensions.


ամբարիշտ; ամբարիշտ;; adj.sint

ամբարիշտ; ամբարիշտը;; adj.sint

ամբարիշտ; ամբարիշտն ;; adj.sint

ամբարիշտ; ամբարիշտի ;; adj.sint