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Google Code-in 2012 Apertium

Extract Armenian verb translations from Wiktionary

completed by: Qasim

mentors: Francis Tyers, Jonathan

Wiktionary has lots of translations for Armenian verbs, for example consider the page:



լսել (lsel)

  1. to hear
  2. to listen
  3. to obey



The idea of this task is to extract these translations into lttoolbox XML format as follows:


<e c=""><p><l>լսել<s n="vblex"/></l><r>hear<s n="vblex"/></r></p></e>
<e c=""><p><l>լսել<s n="vblex"/></l><r>listen<s n="vblex"/></r></p></e>
<e c=""><p><l>լսել<s n="vblex"/></l><r>obey<s n="vblex"/></r></p></e>

You will need to look out for:

* making sure that comments are put in the comment field


For further information about this task, join us on IRC: #apertium