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Google Code-in 2012 Apertium

Extract remaining Armenian adjective translations from Wiktionary

completed by: Ulysses

mentors: Francis Tyers

Here is a list of Armenian adjectives:


The objective of this task is to generate bidix entries from Wiktionary:


e.g. from


<e c=""><p><l>օտարոտի<s n="adj"/><s n="sint"/></l><r>strange<s n="adj"/></r></p></e>
<e c=""><p><l>օտարոտի<s n="adj"/><s n="sint"/></l><r>foreign<s n="adj"/></r></p></e>
<e c=""><p><l>օտարոտի<s n="adj"/><s n="sint"/></l><r>alien<s n="adj"/></r></p></e>

The <sint> tags on the English side can be obtained from running the translations through a morphological analyser of English, for example in the hye-eng pair.[1]