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Google Code-in 2012 Apertium

begiak svn module fix: paths with common subpaths

completed by: Qasim

mentors: Francis Tyers, Jonathan

Currently the begiak svnpoller module produces update messages like this:

begiak: vislcg3: tino * r8752: /tools/vislcg3/trunk/s: ../src/GrammarApplicator_runGrammar.cpp, ../scripts/, and 1 other file: FLUSH now clears variables

Because all the common pathname for all the files includes the "s" after "trunk/", it includes that, and then includes "../" for all the files because it thinks those are up a directory.  Fix this behaviour so you get e.g.

begiak: vislcg3: tino * r8752: /tools/vislcg3/trunk/: src/GrammarApplicator_runGrammar.cpp, scripts/, and 1 other file: FLUSH now clears variables

Also, the "and 1 other file" logic should probably be more like this:

  • display up to 3 filenames
  • if more than 3 files, display 2 filenames and the message "and X other files" (it should always be plural)