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Task A06 - Filling tbl_Currency_Code table

completed by: GLaDOS

mentors: bckurera

Refer to for the tbl_Currency_Code table. Create a XML file with all ISO country codes and country name. Name it ISO_CC_C.xml

Develop a PHP script which extract XML file content and fill the table. In the description field the name of the country should be followed by the region (APAC, EMEA, LATAM, NA) which that country belongs. For example LKR is for Sri Lanka, the description should be APAC/Region

Finally develop a HTML interface (requires no CSS) where that XML file can be uploaded and run the script so that the table can get filled.

Submit both XML and PHP script with HTML file for the interface.

Use for ISO codes, to determine which country belongs to which region use following ignore countries which do not listed in above link.