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Google Code-in 2012 The Fedora Project

Import last_updated date into the bugs table of the isitfedoraruby webapp

completed by: KenDhia

mentors: niteshnarayanlal, Mo Morsi

So as to be able to display bugzilla data on a fedora gem activity timeline, we need to import the timestamp corresponding to when the bug was last updated into the isitfedoraruby webapp.

The student should create a new migration to add this column to the bugs table in the application, and update the import scripts to extract this information from bugzilla using xpath.

Learning how to use xpath is a challenging topic for new users, so the student should be prepared to spend some time learning how to and actually implementing the data extraction from the data we get back from bugzilla.

This task will be marked as completed once the student uploads the patch adding the migration and import logic here, and optionally sends a pull request to the github repo