GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 The Fedora Project

Design a logo and write a mission statement for the Fedora / Ruby SIG

completed by: areke

mentors: Mo Morsi

Promoting and getting the word out about the Fedora / Ruby platform is just as important as the work to convert and support Ruby packages on Fedora. We are looking for a logo and mission statement for our efforts.


The logo should simply represent Fedora/Ruby effort similar to that other sigs and the mission statement should incorporate things like

  - the huge high level goal: to be the defacto-platform for ruby development

 - how its currently accomplished (eg our stack w/ security fixes and such)

  - synergizing with upstream ruby communities and the downstream fedora community


The student is encouraged to draft a few simple candidates after which the mentor will help with editing before they are sent to the ruby-sig mailing list for further comments and to be voted on.


After the student and mentor select the logo / statement, the student will upload it to the fedora wiki and the mentor will upload it to the website and close the task