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Google Code-in 2012 The Fedora Project

Add a rails migration to add/remove a fedora_user column to the fedora_rpms table in the isitfedoraruby website

completed by: Nicolás Satragno

mentors: Mo Morsi

The student should create a new rails migration to add and remove a column called 'fedora_user' to the 'fedora_rpms' table.

This involves the student:

 - familiarizing themselves with how rails works, how the db is manipulated through migrations

 - setting up the isitfedoraruby webapp with existing db

 - implementing the code for this

 - make sure it works such that when the migration is run the column get created and when it is rollbacked, the column is removed


The student should attach the patch (git format-patch -1) to this task and after the mentor ACK's it, he will close out this task