GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 The Fedora Project

Create a Python-GAE Web Application: Fedora GCI Stats Board.

completed by: areke

mentors: harshadura, bckurera

Create a Python Web Application which will run top of Google App Engine infrastructure.

It has to display results of the current statistics of GCI 2012 gathered for Fedora organization.


First let the user to upload *CSV file* which downloaded from Melange.

After Clicking the "Upload and Submit" button, display a table with current Statistics.

Open Source your code at Google Code or Github.

Finally mention the web app URL at melange.

Example CSV file:

7945205,Design a logo for Fedora Summer Coding group,AnimeshT,Outreach/Research
7945227,Fedora election result - history,GEOFBOT,Outreach/Research
7947231,Task A06 - Filling tbl_Currency_Code table,GLaDOS,Code
7947232,Task A07 – Implement Interface and Logic for tbl_Accounts,Kendhia,Code



How to Download CSV file from melange.





Just for example, Similar to the Mock UI shown below.

You can be even more creative.



If you have coding related problems let us know. I will be  mostly online at gtalk: either IRC #fedoradevel: harshadura