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Google Code-in 2012 The Fedora Project

Task B - Bug fix #2 Test 4: Test if data is successfully submitted into the database in create.php.

completed by: areke

mentors: bckurera

Test Plan:

1. Navigate to create.php

2. Enter name, description and select at least 2 blocks.

3. Click submit

4. Navigate to phpmyadmin.

5. Navigate to tbl_event in the database that was created for the app.

6. Check if all data is submitted.


Expected results:

All data is displayed in The first row.


Actual results:

Row key: 1

Title: test

Description: test

BlockInterval: 1

FirstBlock: 2012-12-31 00:00:00

BlockStream: [1356912000,1356915600,1356998400,1357000200,1357002000,1357088400]

Creator: 0

Privacy: 0

AccessKey: accessKey() <-- This value is wrong.


7. Test if the unix timestamps are correct.

a. Go to and use the batch convert to make sure it converts to the right calendar day and time.


The timestamps were all correct.


Overall Results:

Everything worked fine except the value of AccessKey is accessKey() instead of the correct access key, which it should be for private events. This way, when private events is checked, the person would go to events.php?id=1?key=accesskey, where accesskey is a string of 16 alphanumeric characters acting as a password to keep the event private.  

Your task is to fix the above bug, please find the source at (