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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Make a video showing off queries (see #2119)

completed by: Zbaker1398

mentors: Humdinger, Diver

Live queries are a major feature of Haiku and its filesystem BFS, see the User Guide chapter.

Create a screencapture video showing the power of queries, solving ticket #2119 of Haiku's bugtracker.

You'll need a relatively fast computer and should limit screen resolution to 1024x768x32. I guess, capturing Haiku running in a VM may work. If there are better alternatives (Haiku runs so much better on real hardware) that would be appreciated of course.

Before you start the actual screencapture, the student should present his "script" for the demonstration. Explanations should be voiced over or, if it isn't too much text, subtitled.

For this task there is a sample data package that could be used for showing the queries in action.  This sample user data can be installed using "installoptionalpackage demopackage_data" from Haiku's commandline. You can also get the audio, video and image packages, be aware though that  the audio and video packs are each about 300mb big.