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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Make a mockup of People extending it's GUI to support vCard

completed by: HD

mentors: Barrett, Diver

People is the default contacts editor for Haiku. Actually it only supports a simple file format named Person. Impress us creating a mockup (coding skills are not required) that show how the current People GUI could be extended to support complex contact formats like vCard. Ideally the GUI should be at least able to do these things :

  • Manage Addresses and locations
  • Support adding / removing a field from contextual menus. Ideally the GUI should support any number of fields.
  • Should support vCard properties
  • Should support multiple images, video or audio attached to the contact

To do this task you are required to install Haiku (a Virtual Machine is good too). The images provided by the student will show an usage example of the new GUI.

Links :