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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Make a video showing off Stack and Tile

completed by: A. Long

mentors: Philippe Saint-Pierre, Humdinger

Stack & Tile is a new feature of Haiku's window managment.  Here's some links to videos of Stack & Tile:

Create a screencapture video showing the power of Stack & Tile. You should use Haiku R1Alpha4 release for this task.

 You'll need a relatively fast computer and should limit screen resolution to 1024x768x32. Capturing Haiku running in a VM may work. If there are better alternatives (Haiku runs so much better on real hardware) that would be appreciated of course.

Before you start the actual screencapture, you should present a "script" for the demonstration. Explanations should be voiced over or, only if it isn't too much text, subtitled.