GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Test new version of Globe Web-editor

completed by: Mitsuhide

mentors: Barrett, Richie Nyhus

You will need to have Haiku OS installed and running in a VM or on your computer. Then download install Globe Web-editor found on Haiku ports. Before downloading the fix found on the same page.

Then test to see if you can find any bugs in the software. Try to act like a normal user and do the things that they would do with the software. Do all the buttons do what they are expected to do? Are any of text partially obscured? Does the software have a modern icon or does it have an old 90s style BeOS icon?

You will need to keep a journal of what you tested and any bugs that you found. 

Then upload your results here and on the ticket on Haiku-Ports to finish.