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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Submit a 20kb+ patch containing codestyle fixes for any part of the system

completed by: Freeman2430

mentors: Barrett

One of the basic skills that any developer on any platform is required to have is coding style.

What to do to complete this task :


  • Download the Haiku tree to your system

You can checkout the source code by using the following command (git required) :

git clone git://

You can use the tool that you can found at src/tools/checkstyle/ into the Haiku source code tree. NOTE: may create false positives, just ignore them.
You can find more informations about into the Haiku Coding Guidelines.
Additionally not intended to found all codestyle violations, it's required from students doing this task to uniform the entire file you are working on to the Haiku Coding Guidelines.


  • Create a patch using the command "git diff" and once it is big 20kb (or more) submit it to this task for review.

You can ask to your mentors for parts of the system that requires urgent codestyle fixes. If the file(s) you are working on require(s) a lot more than a 20kb patch to solve all their codestyle issues, after complething this task you can ask your mentors to link you another task for the remaining work.

WARNING: Don't make any FUNCTIONAL CHANGE to the code, only style fixes will be accepted.