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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Implement B_OUTLINE_RESIZE BWindow flag

completed by: Tri-Edge AI

mentors: Philippe Saint-Pierre, Eugene Katashov, Siarzhuk Zharski

The goal of this task is the implementing correct solution to fix issue described in Haiku Trac as ticket #2724. This is a coding task, for this task you will need to have a Haiku build environment setup, and be able to compile Haiku to test to see if your fix works.


  • Install Haiku either on real hardware or in Virtual Machine (BTW, I can assist installing VirtualBox so it is obviously recommended by me);
  • Take familiar with the problem you should fix;
  • Get the Haiku source tree build it and find solution to implement required feature;
  • After completing this task, please provide us with the patch implementing your fix.


Haiku Alpha A4.1 (required developer tools are included)

Ticket "B_OUTLINE_RESIZE not implemented"

Getting and building Haiku sources:

Varios Haiku development resources:

Haiku Coding Guidelines:

Good luck!