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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Outsource libtiff to an optional package built with haikuporter

completed by: Eric Newberry

mentors: Scott McCreary, Jérôme Duval

This task requires creating or updating a .bep file to allow Haikuporter to build from source code the listed package, creating a git patch file to allow integration of the built package in Haiku while removing source of the listed package of the git tree and providing both gcc2 and gcc4 optional packages to be uploaded on  You will need a working installation of Haiku, this could be on real hardware or in a VM, and haikuporter which can be installed by following the install instructions at HaikuPorts

Some knowledge of C, C++ may or may not be required in order to complete this task.  Knowledge of the GNU autotools and/or cmake may also be helpful.  The package may or may not require some patching to get it to work on Haiku.  For these cases don't be afraid to ask for help.  Many compile issues can be figured out by reading through the various wiki pages at HaikuPorts.  Also google (or other web search engine) may be of help in finding solutions to build issues that you may run into, irc channel #haiku on freenode might also be of help.  Be sure to follow the correct format for creating your .bep file, including the license and copyright entries.

Sources in Haiku repository might help to create a patch by comparing with original sources. Be sure to follow the correct format for creating your git patch file:

libtiff sources can be found on

libtiff sources in Haiku repository are located here

Existing bep files: