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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

StyledEdit - text sizes in a selection when a different font family is chosen. ( ticket #6453)

completed by: Vlad Slepukhin

mentors: Eugene Katashov, Siarzhuk Zharski


The goal of this task is the implementing correct solution to fix issue described in Haiku Trac as ticket #6453. This is a coding task, for this task you will need to have a Haiku build environment setup, and be able to compile either Haiku or standalone StyledEdit project to fix the problem and check if your solution works. The basic knowledge of GIT SCM is also needed.


  • Install Haiku either on real hardware or in Virtual Machine (BTW, I can assist installing VirtualBox so it is obviously recommended by me);
  • Take familiar with the problem you should fix;
  • Get either the Haiku source tree or standalone StyledEdit project sources build it and find solution to fix the problem;
  • Fixed version should not change the font size in selected text only the font family;
  • After completing this task, please provide us with the git-formatted patch implementing your fix.


Haiku Alpha A4.1 (required developer tools are included)

Ticket "[StyledEdit] - text sizes in a selection when a different font family is chosen. "

Standalone StyledEdit project at

Getting and building Haiku sources:

Varios Haiku development resources:

Haiku Coding Guidelines:

Good luck!