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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Find or create sounds to be used as system sounds

completed by: hackpert

mentors: Humdinger

Haiku doesn't come with sounds that can be used for system events. This task is to change that. Go out and either record/create fitting sounds of your own, or browse the web to find adequate files. You may want to stick to themes for all sounds, but you don't have to.

Submit 3 files for each of these events:

  • Error notification
  • Information notification
  • New E-mail
  • Startup
  • Window minimized
  • Window restored
  • Vision (IRC-client) Nick Notification
  • Important notification
  • Beep

Put the event name in front of the original filename. Add a text file that lists the source (url) and license of each file. Create a zip archive of each of the 3 sound packs and upload it to this ticket.


All submitted files must come with an open license like Creative Commons (see Be sure to credit the authors by name if the license demands so (e.g. CC Attribution 3.0).

Sounds have to have good quality without hissing, compression artefacts etc.