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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Finish coding the new version of BurnItNow

completed by: Przemysław Buczkowski

mentors: Scott McCreary, Eugene Katashov, Diver, Siarzhuk Zharski

A complete rewrite of BurnItNow the cdrecord front-end GUI HaikuApi app for burning CDs on Haiku was started a couple of yours ago.  So far these is a basic GUI using Haiku's layout manager, but most of the functionality has yet to be added.  There is a TODO in the repositories trunk listing what still needs to be done.

Some of the work will involve borrowing some of the code from the previous version, and/or deciphering which calls to the cdrecord command line apps are needed and generating the commands on the fly.

This is a CODING task.