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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Add support to ArmyKnife for adding and viewing of cover art

completed by: Gleb Posobin

mentors: Barrett, mmu_man, Philippe Houdoin

ArmyKnife is a program that handles the tags of audio files.  If can convert between the tags and Haiku attributes.  This task is to add in supports for cover art.  ArmyKnife make use of the taglib library, which has support functions for dealing with cover art.  Ideally this added functionallity to ArmyKnife would make use of Haikus BBitmaps and allow for dragging of images to an artwork Rect in the program to add cover art to a file, or to an entire album if selected.

This is a coding task, and requires knowledge of C++ and ability to read and understand the Haiku api and the Taglib api.

Task requirement is to get this working for mp3 files.  Bonus if you can get ogg and flac files working as well.