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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Test BFS copying large amounts of data between 2 large BFS partitions.

completed by: Piotr

mentors: Philippe Saint-Pierre, mmu_man, Diver

This should be done on a spare PC with no important data on it as this can be a destructive test.

Install Haiku R1Alpha4.1 onto a PC with an empty hard drive or two in it (preferably 50GB or larger each).  You'll need at least two partitions both formatted using Be File System (BFS) for this testing and several large files that you can copy back and forth several times.

You might start by installing the Haiku demo packages using

installoptionalpackage -l

to list them and then install the video and audio and perhaps others.  Then mount a second drive or partition and copy the files over to the second drive.  Keep notes one what you are doing and see if you can cause Haiku to fail as described in this trac ticket:

If you can repeat it, take a picture of the resulting KDL (kernal debugging land, aka white screen full of text) and make a note of what you were doing when it happened.  Also at the prompt then type bt<enter> and take a screenshot of that output.  Attach the screenshots and add a comment on that trac ticket with your results.  If you've tried for more than 2 hours and aren't able to make it crash we'd like to know that as well.


Only do this with a PC in which you are sure contains no important data as there is a good chance you may lose it all.