GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Write a program to handle importing, exporting and editing of Haiku resource files (part 1)

completed by: Tri-Edge AI

mentors: Philippe Saint-Pierre, Jérôme Duval, mmu_man, Philippe Houdoin, Siarzhuk Zharski

There's a handful of BeOS resource programs on BeBits, that each do a bit of handling of resource files, in a few different way.  This task is to create such a program for Haiku that may or may not be included with Haiku at some point.  The coding should follow Haiku's coding guidelines.  It should make use Haiku's layout manager.  This is the first part of a multi part task, for this part you should create the basic framework for the program, including loading / importing resource files, saving / exporting resource files, and displaying the contents of the file.

The follow on task(s) will be created depending on the results from this first task.

A good one to mimic would be QuickRes, which was written by Be Inc.

This is a CODING tast, writing of CODE will be expected.  The code will use the Haiku API and following the Haiku coding guidelines is also expected.