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Google Code-in 2012 Haiku

Test BeAE for Bugs and Issues.

completed by: Harsh Vardhan

mentors: Scott McCreary, Richie Nyhus

You will be ad hoc testing BeAE for bugs and other issues for this task. You will need to have the Haiku operating system installed and running in a VM or on your computer. Also you will most likely need to have HaikuPorter and a relevant version of demopackage installed as well.

You will need to test to see if you can find any bugs in the software. Try to act like a normal user and do the things that they would do with the software. Use the media found in the demopackages to help you find bugs by editing them if needed.

Do all the buttons do what they are expected to do? Is any of text partially obscured? What happens when you change the system font size? Does the software have a modern icon or does it have an old 90s style BeOS icon? Does it have a .bep and can HaikuPorter install it? what happens if you try to open clearly non-supported files?

You will need to search the software's bug tracker to see if the bugs are known about and open new tickets for each bug on there if they are not.

You will also need to keep a journal of what you tested and what tickets you opened. Plus it might be a good idea to take a screenshot of the bugs and issues that you find and just reference the relevant image in the journal if the bug is difficult to describe.

Then upload the journal and any images that you create here to finish.

The demo packages can be downloaded with HaikuPorter, which can be found here.

BeAE bug tracker

BeAE Download

BeAE website